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Luxury Travel

We’ll plan your trip around your specific interests, tastes, and preferences, providing helpful tips and honest advice based on first-hand knowledge of the destination.

Our journey begins with a discovery conversation, we want to get to know you. We brainstorm fun ideas, discuss your interests and passions, your preferred travel style, your trip expectations, your travel history and we form a vision for your wonderful trip.

Next, we tailor your trip, craft an exciting itinerary, encompassing all your wishes. draw upon our extensive network of partners, personal and past client experiences, to design a well-thought-out, inspiring and seamless journey. We will recommend hotels, tours, activities, dining options, special events and together we will determine the best options for your trip.

Once the destination and activities have been selected, we will book, confirm and finalize all the elements of your trip. As our client, you are privy to exclusive benefits, amenities, upgrades, and promotions that are not available any other way. We will work with all our personal contacts to ensure you have a personalized, VIP experience when you travel.

Now, this is YOUR time to travel and enjoy! While you are traveling, we will ensure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes and available if you have any questions during your trip. If ever needed, I will put you in touch with a local contact who can assist with any itinerary changes, questions, or emergencies.

Welcome Home! We can’t wait to hear about the highlights and experiences of your trip! Your feedback is important to us, as there is no better way to understand our clients’ experiences, then through your own eyes and words.

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